Stephanie Arne

I first met Stephanie when she was a semi-finalist in the nationwide contest search for Wild Kingdom’s next Wild Guide. I created a website for her to showcase her life-long devotion to animals, travel, and education, and also did a photo-shoot to provide her with a headshot to send to all the journalists asking for an interview. We had so much fun taking photos that we also went into a nearby forest and continued the shoot to show off her athletic and gymnastic abilities.

Stephanie went on to win the contest and is now the host of the Wild Kingdom show, and travels all over the country to film webisodes and give interviews with news organizations about animals and how to help protect them. She also gives fun, energy and animal-filled presentations to schools and organizations with the non-profit she started with Tim Davidson, the Creative Animal Foundation. When they returned to Hawaii this fall to attend the IUCN conference, I jumped on the chance to photograph Steph and Tim in action at some local schools.

Stephanie has devoted her life to sharing her love and knowledge of animals, and to promoting conservation and sustainability. I’m happy I have been able help her in her mission in my own way.